PET hand cleansing spray 3589

PET credit card shaped case with hand spray (20 ml).

  Article colour code Stock In option Ordered Next delivery
3589-021 (neutral)
34.684 - 124.800 16-03-2021
Delivery date Items
16-03-2021 124.800 pieces
Product dimensions (l × w × h) 8,6 x 5,6 x 1,1 cm
Materials PET
Nett weight 37 gr
Statistics number 38089490
Country of origin China
IMPRESSION 2020 page 438
Minimal order quantity Import Direct 12.000
Individually packaged in a polybag**Repackaging after finishing depends on the product / handling code No
Individually packaged in a gift box No
Number in inner carton 30
Number in export carton 240
Number on pallet 12.480
Export carton dimensions (l × w × h) 35,5 x 26,3 x 21,0 cm
Export carton volume 0,020 m3
Export carton nett weight 8,6 kg
Export carton gross weight 11,0 kg
Front side
Pad Printing
Printing code: TB - Handling code: HKB
Max. printing size (w x h): 40mm x 35mm
Max. number of printing colors: 5
Front side
Digital print
Printing code: DP2 - Handling code: HKB
Max. printing size (w x h): 65mm x 45mm
Max. number of printing colors: Full colour
3589-021 (neutral) 8719446006775

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