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Being environmentally friendly is more than a trend, it is an investment in the future. First and foremost it is an important investment in the future of the planet, but it is also a smart investment for your business. 

More and more consumers hold companies accountable and expect them to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to classic products. It’s a new market of buyers that you can access, as long as your eco-strategy is sound and sincere. You are not doing the planet or the people a favour with “fake eco”.

But being environmentally friendly isn’t easy, because what qualifies as eco? Can you consider a product eco-friendly if it consist for 1% of recyclable material? What are even the right kinds of material to use in a truly “green” product?  

Not all eco products are equal. The Green IMPRESSION line is built around transparency, so both you and your customers have all the information needed to make the right decision for your business. Find the right fit for your own eco-strategy in our IMPRESSION assortment.


Green, greener, greenest: 3 categories of eco

The Green IMPRESSION consists of three eco categories. Items are sorted based on the materials they are made of. We have identified a list of materials that fit the eco-criteria: sustainable, recyclable and/or renewable. You can read more about the materials below. 

By dividing the Green IMPRESSION giveaways into three tiers, we make it instantly recognizable for you and your customers how environmentally friendly a product is and we make green products accessible for companies with a varying focus on eco-friendliness. We provide the options and the information, the choice is yours. Which category fits your strategy?


Eco Basic: The first category contains products made of 10 – 30% ecological materials. 

Eco Friendly: These products are made of 31 – 60% ecological materials.

Eco Proof: In this category we have exclusively included products that are made of over 60% ecological materials. 


It’s that simple. 




Always 100% certified

The Green IMPRESSION products are always 100% certified and safe, just like our entire IMPRESSION collection. The products fully comply with European health and safety laws and regulations. Each product has the proper and up-to-date certification to prove it. 

Our complete assortment, including the eco-friendly selection from the three eco categories, is tested by an independent institute.

Not only are our items safe for your customers and business relations to use, they are also made under safe working conditions. 

As part of Amfori, and with our own ISO26000 declaration, Giving Europe takes care to protect the human rights and labour rights throughout the production and supply chain. 

So whether an IMPRESSION item is 30% or 60% ecological, it is always 100% the safe way to give. 


Eco icons and labels

Each category has its own shield of leaves and its own green label on the IMPRESSION web shop. While browsing the website, the Green IMPRESSION giveaways are easy to find. 

The web shop will include a new main category for the entire Green IMPRESSION line. Within this category you will find all the items in the eco assortment, recognizable by their own label. 

Are you shopping for a pen, a notebook, a power bank, or any other given item and you are wondering if there are eco-alternatives to the products? Use the filter function to only show items made from ecological materials, from the list below.