Production time

The production days are indicative, cannot be considered deadlines and do not include shipment days and elephant orders. If the printproof has been approved before 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the production days will start the day after.

Latest update: 26-09-2022


PrintingcodesProduction time

Single Pass

DAP1, DAP2, DAP35 working days

Pad Print

ATA, TA, TB, TC4 working days

Digital Print 1

DP1, DP2, DP3, DP44 working days

Digital Print 2

DP5, DP6, DP74 working days

Full colour 360

DP8, DP9, DP106 working days


LA, LB, LC4 working days

Mega Laser

LD, LE, LF4 working days


DO1, DO2, DO3, DO410 working days

Digital Sticker

DST1, DST2, DST3, DST44 working days

Digital Transfer

DTR50, DTR100, DTR300, DTR7504 working days


EMBR50, EMBR100, EMBR200, EMBR30013 working days

Paper Print

PP10 working days

Mug Print 1

MP10 working days

Mug Print 2

MPSU4 working days

Transfer Print

TR50, TR100, TR300, TR7504 working days

Silk Print 1

SRA4 working days

Silk Print 2

SRB4 working days

Silk Print 3

TSA, TSB, TSC, TSU4 working days
DebossingHTST5 working days